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What's goodie! I'm sytE, but you know that already...right? In short, I'm just a guy that loves to see people be their true self. I feel like so many people shy away from their "weirdness" and put on a mask for acceptance.

I want to be the opposite of that, so I made my name an acronym - Speak Your Truth Everytime! Don't be afraid to express who you are and what you love, the world needs the full version of you! Besides, nobody's normal anyway. We're all a unique blend of Gods herbs and spices.

If you're here, it's probably cause you like my music...

I do too!😂


I'm currently working on an album called Dance with Death. By clicking the button below you'll get a personal invite to join me in my creative process.

Drop in and share the worst dad joke you've heard!

~ Derrick aka sytE

Caught in 4k...

...or at least HD

All Videos

All Videos
sytE - Drift (Prod by Depo On Da Beat) [Official Music Video]

sytE - Drift (Prod by Depo On Da Beat) [Official Music Video]

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sytE - O.K (Prod by Blasian Beats) [Official Music Video]

sytE - O.K (Prod by Blasian Beats) [Official Music Video]

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sytE - Bars 4 Days (Officail Video)

sytE - Bars 4 Days (Officail Video)

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sytE - Behind the Mask (Official Music Video)

sytE - Behind the Mask (Official Music Video)

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Recent Releases

You're still here?!?!

Want to listen to my next album as I make it?
Hit the dancefloor

In 2022 I decided to release a song a month, I had no plans on creating an album or anything like that. Things are different now, I'm in album mode and I want to invite you to take this journey with me. 

I love watching "The making of..." videos to see how my favorite artists work, where they get their inspiration....all that. I want to give you something similar.

I also want to build a community of like minded individuals. We've all fall on tough times and feel like we have no one to talk to. I want to curate a safe place where we can find that support, have fun and broaden our horizons.


Cool...So what do I get?

  • Hear the full album FIRST!

I'm purposely keeping this album hidden from the world for a while on purpose. I hold all of these songs close to my heart and you'll see why.

  • Dive into my brains innerworkings

From time to time I share private journal entries about what I've been up to personally and musically. You'll be getting me in my rawest forms

  • Your name in the credits/thank you's

If you've contributed to the album in any way, you'll see your name in the credits for every physical copy of the album

  • Get all important news, releases and merch 1st!

I hate when that shirt I've been dying for from my favorite artist ends up sold out. This will never happen to you.

  • Access to a dope community

I've created a place for like minded individuals to connect with each other. Kind of like our own version of Facebook.

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