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New Gospel Rap / R&B - New Additions

The New Gospel Rap/R&B playlist gets updated every Sunday, these are the newest additions. If you know a song that would fit in this playlist, feel free to submit it.

Check out How to Submit Your Music if you've never submitted a song to The Sharchive

1.) 1K Pson - Heartbreak Hotel ft. Aha Gazelle


2.) Fedel - Global ft. Jarry Manna

3.) KB - Armies

4.) Peter CottonTale - Feels Like Church ft. Kirk Franklin, New Direction, & Tiff Joy

5.) Da' T.R.U.T.H - QOHELETH ft. Limoblaze

6.) Zabbai - Salty + Lit

7.) Levi Parker - Downfield (23:5) ft. Jon Keith

8.) Marcus Rogers - Most High ft. Live

9.) Th3 Saga - Beyoutiful ft. Marissa Jerome