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Loyalty is KILLING it!!

I released Loyalty on March 25th, as of April 21st it has 123 streams on Spotify! I know that's not a lot because there's artists out there getting 1,000 on their 1st day but I don't care. This is a huge milestone for me! I've never had a song reach 50 streams in less than a month so I'm excited right now!

I'm really just writing this post to thank each and every one of you. I wouldn't be able to reach these milestones if it weren't for you guys! What excites me even more is this is just the beginning! There's so much more I want to give you and so much more deeper I want to dive into these songs. A lot of my music can be interpreted in ways that I'm sure most of you won't catch on the 1st or 2nd listen. When the time is right, more like when I make time, we'll get into it. For now, I appreciate all of the love and support I'm getting from all of you.

See you soon!


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