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How "O.K" Was Written


O.K is one of my favorites from my catalog, mostly because I was able to have fun and get pretty lyrical. As you scroll I break down the lyrics line by line. I hope I leave some gems that you never would've known or heard if it weren't for this page. Have fun, I sure did!

Lil slick homie with the great one, don't try to treat me like I ain't one...OK

Gotta shout out Foggie, that ain't how the devil got me but I keep on getting up like I'm Rocky...Uh huh

I pulled the inspiration for this WHOLE song from Foggieraw's song "U Can't Be My Baby". He periodically says "uh huh" and "OK" throughout the entire song, I wanted to emulate that in my own way and play around with it.

Pointing to the stars cause I got a body guard

Let's be clear...God is my bodyguard

If you lookin at my tats you can see all my scars...OK

For the record, I don't have any tattoos. BUT, I have plenty physical and mental scars that have permanently affected me and I've decided to call them my tattoos. Remember that, whenever I mention my tats in other'll know.


Life be gettin hard so I bring it up to God and he be like "don't worry, everythings gon' be...ok"

Listen when I say, everything that's in your way is being used to make you great

One of my favorite scriptures is Romans 8:28. When everything seems to be going wrong, its a reminder that God uses EVERYTHING, good and bad, to mature us and bring us closer to him.


People gonna say that you're headed to the wrong place, they don't even know your destinay...shunning every move that you make cause they ain't thinking creative

I like to play with words. I purposely said destination this way because people tend speak to others as if they know God's WHOLE plan for them...none of us truly know for sure. It doesn't stop the majority of us projecting our fears and failures onto others.


I look like creator, facing all the haters...with love...OK

1. We were all made in God's image by the creator himself.

2. I follow Jesus' lead, treating everyone including "haters" with love, kindness and respect.

I don't like the (uh) so I'm switching up the pace. Too many diamonds in my face, you can't stay if you wanna make me stray from the faith, that's fugazy.

Don't get distracted by people and shiny objects! Not all that glitters is gold.

Stay away baby! Got too many x's on my checklist, I've been living reckless.

This has a double meaning for me. On one side, I wish I knew better and saved myself for marriage growing up. At this point I have too many exes.

On the other side (kind of the same side) I've fallen into temptation too many times and gotten it wrong (x's) more than I've gotten it right. (check marks)


God made me pure though. Got that sin on furlough. (Never coming back) 

I been reading on the word though. (heavy with the strap) I can only tell the truth, I ain't got no time to cap.

Strap = gun, gun = bible =)

You gon' have to face the facts when the king comes back. James, Michael, Martin Luther man it really don't matter

It doesn't matter which king you think I'm talking about. When Jesus comes back there will no longer be any debates about whether or not he's real.

When you see the big picture know it's more than paint splatters

God's not painting our stories all willynilly. He's precise with every brush stroke


God be cooking up, pay attention to the batter

God's doing things in your life. just look at everything that made you who you are today. Your genes, experiences, knowledge, etc. is the batter that he used to create you. 

Random thought, baseball...batter?

When I pull up to the plate, man I'm swinging for the fences

Homerun or no run baby!! In all that I do, I give my all.


I ain't one to fight but I'm swinging at your dentures. I can see your smiles fake..OK. Ask your dentist for a refund.

I don't like anything that's not authentic and I will point it out and actively avoid encounters with "fake people"

I had to break it up like that girl did to me, I had to break it down like you do to the trees wait! Let me break it down, bring the word to the streets...

This part has quite a few ways you can look at it...I'll give you 2

1. A break up hurts and can make you break down. Similar to how we break down in the presence of God when we break up with our sin. Then we go out and tell the story (break it down and bring the word to the streets)

2. Think 2nd Timothy 2:15. In an artistic way, I'm breaking up the word like food so the listener can digest it or "break it down" and show it to their friends ultimately bringing the word of God to the streets.

...OK. You see what I mean? If you let your ear lean we can cut up like a scissor, let me say it slow like I'm sippin' on some sizzurp.

Letting your ear lean means you're listening closely to something. It might be a reach, but i used "cut up" like you would use the term "chop it up" meaning to have a conversation. In short, if your ears are in tune with God, we can talk.

Let those with ears, hear...OK. Just know that God's here.

One of my favorite phrases from Jesus is "Let those with ears, hear" Usually, he said something that confused most people before or after that. That short phrase means so much to me because that was Jesus' way of saying "I'm talking to my people" because he knew only those that are his will hear and understand his words.

You don't gotta act no certain type of way just to make it to the gates. Yea, the path is straight. We know what the bible say, that the only way is through YHWH

Acting like a "Christian" won't get you to heaven, your hearts posture and love for God will. Love God with all your heart and mind and treat everyone how you want to be treated. Be honest, kind and loving...its that simple. It's not easy at times, but its simple lol.

I ain't goin' y'all way, man I can't drop you off bro.

My path is meant for me, I can't bring you the way that God's bringing me. You have to take your own journey and have your own encounters with God. That's not to say I can't give you advice, just that I can't do and say what God needs/wants you to do/say.

I can barely drive myself, been drinking from the top shelf. I hope he don't drop shells, Imma let the clock tell...OK

You can take the first line literally but if you know me, you know I like to make things equivocal. (I hope I used that word right.) Picture this, my body is my car, I can barely drive it properly because I'm drunk on (insert sin here) and I hope it doesn't kill me...only time will tell how it all ends


I don't wanna lose, let me switch up the subject.

I never really changed the subject...just rephrased a little lol


Got too many dots, now I'm looking like a suspect

The picture shows exactly what I was thinking visually but if you've heard and saw the breakdown for 10 2 get in by JGivens you'll know where this is coming from.

The song revolves around the game dominos and connects the dots on dominos to our sin. 

Check it out on genius.

Took too many shots, now the man can't miss. I been working in the gym like I'm tryna get slim

In context to the earlier drinking & driving reference mentioned earlier, you're bound to hit a wall at some point. Think basketball, practice makes perfect. Its almost impossible to miss a shot you've been practicing over and over. 


It ain't shady when you play me cause I bring the son with me everywhere that I go...OK

Get it? Slim..shady..Eminem lol. More importantly, I used the homophone (sun/son) to say that Jesus is always with me no matter how gloomy (shady) life gets.

I ain't really worried if you like the song. I just hope you listen to the words before you give it a curve. Whenever the tables turn a new meaning occurs

I made this song for my own enjoyment, I wasn't even going to put it out. My only hopes it that you listen and dissect my music before calling it whack. If you haven't noticed by now, a lot of my lines have double sometimes triple meanings.

Lil slick homie with the great one, don't try to treat me like I ain't one...OK. Gotta shout out foggie that ain't how the devil got me but I keep on getting up like I'm Rocky.

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