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Song & Lyrics

I’m lost 

Feels like the room is spinning?

I thought I caught a grip but nah, Hol up wait a minute 

I’m lost

Why do I keep on slipping?

Somebody stop the time cause i


Get a



God I’m tryna find a way out

I’m getting tired of the season 

Can I get it off my chest now?

I’m done keeping all these secrets 

I’m done with the Cheating

I’m done with lying

I’m done with the judging 

I’m done with crying 

I’m done acting like I don’t need nobody 

we kno better 


The spirit is willing my flesh is weak

I stand the tallest when I’m on my knees 

That’s why I keep falling short

That’s why I keep falling short

I call my mother way more than God

And it’s been months since we last talked

These relationships feel like a job

I feel all alone and is all my fault 


I wanna stand tall 

but I always fall

I need your support

I keep falling short 

I wanna call on your name 

*But it don’t feel the same*

All that I feel is shame 

I think that I’m goin insane


You see the pain, don’t see the real me

Feeling the same but don’t even feel me

Weapons don’t prosper but I might kill me

Said in the end that you gonna heal me

Where have you been?

GOD, I’m slippin again 

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