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In my Eyes

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Song & Lyrics

If you look into my eyes you'll see the pain

You'll see the changes I done been through

Stories that I told, prices I done paid to get to where I'm at

Going tit for tat with demons I ain't got no business dealing with


Do you know the work it takes to keep from breaking down?

This weight feels like a thousand pounds and I'm on my thousandth round

Cry, don't make no sound

Jesus hears the tears, I know I'm found

Ain't no way I'm bound

See the freedom in disguise?

Freedom in my eyes cause he gave me peace of mindmore reasons to stay alive

I been bough with a priceIt costed a life

I'm tryna live right

Got the blood in the pen

ain't no reason to sin

I been saved by the lamb

What you thought?

The lamb is the G.O.A.T

The words that he spoke come clear when you look into my eyes

(Look into my eyes

You'll see the tears that I cried 

But now, my eyes are dry

I think it's time to fly)

Look into my life like Mary said

satan don't like married men

Tried to run me for my band

But I'm saved by Mary's lamb

A lot of guys don't win their battle against lust

That makes us hard to trust

I know, I felt all them cuts

Now I'm laying in these green pastures

God gives me peace when my eyes only see madness

Look around you, everybody that you see matters

You ain't alone, everybody got some mean battles so

Love your neighbor like yourself

You don't know what hand they're dealt

Let me tell you bout my self


I been

Smoking, drinking, porn addicted, seducing tons of women,

Testing all of the limits

No sacrifice, just dirty rags

Using tithes to chase the bag

Lip service up in the church and go home and start breaking bad

My mind was filled with blame and doubt

Chasing clout

Arrogant when shame came out

Never thought I'd win that bout but

God renewed my mind

No longer chasing dimes

Look back and I'm surprised that my wife's still by my side

I swear I should've died

But Jesus saw right through my smile and killed them thoughts of suicide like BLAOW

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