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I Know

We go live NEXT WEEK! I'm excited to show you the artwork and I can't wait to tell you about the journey it took to get there. For now, here's the final product.


The Journey

Back in August, I messaged a graphic artist I met on Twitter and we talked about the artwork. I explained my vision for the art and used a quick mockup I made myself as an example. (see below)


I wanted the visual to touch on what it's like to go through a hard time, wanting to pray or just vent but you can't find the words. On the other side, I want it to show that God's there and he knows what you're going through.. almost like a comfort in discomfort. 

Long story short, the first artist didn't work out....

On to the homie Nicklovn! I met him through Vincent Tesoro when we made Death to Life, he was the great artist behind the visuals. I sent him the same photo and told him what I was thinking along with a couple of different ideas. He created a mood board for me to check out and we set a day to hop on a video call and go over the details for the first draft. Less than 10 minutes after the call, I got this.


I thought this was dope, but not really the vibe I was looking for mood-wise. I responded and told him I'm looking for something more melancholic, here's where things got interesting. We had another chat session and he had me send him photos of some phrases I wrote on a piece of paper. (see below) 


One thing I love about Nicklovn, he doesn't make things easy in the best way possible. He took everything we talked about; all the ideas, what I liked and disliked, and said "OK, I know what to do". About a week or so later, he sends me these and says pick one and we'll go from there. 


I saw the first one, didn't like it as much as I thought I was going to. The second and third one gave me anxiety because I didn't want to just pick one, I loved both of them. I told him I like the last one the most but I want to play with the second one because I think it could be better. We messed around with it, but I still liked the last one the most.

Coming Up

Now that you know the whole story behind I know, I hope the song speaks to you even more. I'll see you next week when the song is available everywhere! (I got a surprise for you)

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