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Song & Lyrics

Takin the chains and I’m movin ‘em 

4th down but I’m still standing

Takin the chains and he’s breaking em

Giving his blood for the payment 

I don’t want nooo problems

You know there’s no stopping (us)

When you got God on your side 

You can’t lose so why’s it a question huh

Plan for the worst but I plan for blessing 

No need for the stressin

The devils contesting 

But Jesus aint second

If you keep on testing 

I’ll force you to resting

You better learn all your lessons

Class is in session and life is the test

There ain’t no reset 

Just give it your best 

Let God take the rest

Let God take the rest

I live my life so unusual 

God took the pain made it beautiful 

Don’t try to duck if he’s choosing you

Blessings came through when I thought I’d lose

Most of y’all would’ve flew the coup 

Who do you

Think that you are 

Don’t compete with God

He evens the odds and covers the charge

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