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Join the crew of syteseers and follow me through my journey while I create my next album, Dancing with Death. By signing up, you'll get to hear the music, see behind the scenes content and join the creative process. Everything will be delivered to your inbox for FREE.

Early Access

Gain access to every single song before the albums release date.

Exclusive Shop

Watch the creative process I go through while making the album, get to know me and the meaning of my songs on a personal level.

Access the shelter

I'm not big on social media, I'm pretty personal. You'll be getting updates and candid conversations with me through a forum I created called The Shelter


Be the FIRST to hear every song...

My name is Derrick and I make music from the heart, for the heart. What that means is I write every song from where I am in life; there's a range of emotions and situations we all go through from our lowest lows to our highest highs. I give you that and everything in between.

What is a #syteseer?

It's a name I've given to people like me, who really connect with the music from artists they love on a daily basis.

Who use it as a way to communicate the emotions you can't really explain.

And mostly, people who can't live without music, it's your escape from the craziness of the world.

So, why become a #syteseer?

With all the noise in social media, it's easy to miss new music from me...I don't want to leave you in limbo somewhere waiting to stumble upon them.


I mean, you're the one that makes this music possible.


So I planned a way to make these releases special.


To build the dopest extended family ever.


Join me and the rest of the syteseers and get early access to every single song I drop.


I'll email them to you  before they're available anywhere else...Spotify, YouTube, you name it.


You get to hear it first.


I'm currently working on my second album, "Dancing with Death", and I'm documenting the whole process. I want you to be a part of some of the creative decisions and see how my process is while creating these songs. 

So, Immediately after joining, You'll get access to exclusive studio videos of my recording sessions that will forever be locked away and not to be seen by the rest of the world.

I couldn't do this without you.

Welcome to the family!

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