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Dance with Death Pt. 2

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Song & Lyrics

I don't need weed and I don't want to pour up

Uh, yea

I'm the controller

Blind to the thigh gaps I'll keep my composure

Wait, is this what it feels like when you being honest?

I'm getting rid of my problems

Finding the root and I'm talking about em

Watching the enemy fall down like autumn

I don't have tears to cry

I think its time to climb up

I hear the spirit of God

How did I get this high up

Ain't no more wasting my time

Somehow I'm still feeling fine

Balanced, no crossing the line

Enemies want me to die but

I just can't do that because I know who that is in the mirror

I won't change who I am just to fit in

Just for you to come and tell me that I'm fake

You need to get in your place

Misery loves company, this ain't extended stay

I found a better way

Drop to my knees and pray

Now demons getting slayed

Ain't nobody healing trauma like Jesus

satan had my soul but then the redeemer

left the 99 for 1 and he freed the

captive that ain't know a thing about freedom

I'm talking bout me

Even without chains I couldn't be free

Til' I saw my Savior up on a tree

He made me clean

Now, I'm done

Doing this dance with death, I'm out the trance

I'm finished searching, God gave me the plan

I been refocused

I know I'm supposed to be cutting off vultures

Now I got a thing for killing off legions

I got something to believe in

Jesus has my allegience

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