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Yo I

Broke some hearts and did some dirt 

I been flirting with enemy 

Been giving sinner type of energy 

Way too many dinner dates with the frienemies 

If I keep that goin it’s gon be the end of me

I don’t like this life but it’s enticing 

Feel like Tyson in his prime

Ain’t no reasons for the rhymes

Thought my treason was divine 

Most people gon skip that line

Like a flash pass at six flags

I think I’m bout to gag 

Throwing up the evil spirits 

I can feel it

Holy Spirit cleaning up my soul

Filling up these holes made from pot,

Sticks, stones and some rocks

Was contouring my flaws

Now I’m focused on God

He’s contorting my heart

And controlling the plot twist

Jesus said he got this 

Put him in the cockpit

Don’t you try to stop this healing 

Peep the cards Gods dealing

Now I got this feeling 

That’s he’s sending me a message 

And it sounds something like 

(I choose you) if you know you know




From a sinner to a saint 

Yo I been sanctified 

Bro I ain’t the guy 

That came and died

To save your life

When I speak his name I say it with my chest 


When you hear the story trust it’s more than a thesis

He done 

Switched up my life

Turned death to life

The dark to light

Made wrongs take flight 

Paid the price of sin

Died and took the keys to hell

Grafted me in and rang the freedom bell


Coulda left me dead

But the shepherd takes good care of all his sheep 

Started up a good work and he won’t stop until it’s complete

He done wiped the tears and killed the fears

And brought me to my feet

If you ask me what He did I’ll say it’s more than I can speak on

I can go on and on

Infinity and beyond 

My God is the champion 

The king and there ain’t a kong 

With Jesus you can’t go wrong 

What's that line from Pokémon 

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